Curriculum Guide

Cathedral Catholic High School Curriculum Guide for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Click on the links below for the curriculum guide by the department.  Review the Academic Policies.


Catholic Faith 9
Catholic Faith 10
The Sacraments/Christian Morality
Campus Ministry 11
Christian Life Choices/Catholic Social Justice and Ethics
Campus Ministry 12
Catholic Innovations
Catholic Innovations 2
Catholic Innovations 3


English 1
English 1H
English 2
English 2H
English 3
English 3H
English 4H
AP Language and Composition
English 4-  Post 9/11 Literature
English 4 – Short Stories
English 4 – Fairytales/Fantasy Literature
AP Literature and Composition 

English Electives
Speech Communications
Speech and Debate Honors
Journalism 1
Journalism 2
Journalism 3
Yearbook Production 1
Yearbook Production 2


American Sign Language 1
American Sign Language 2
American Sign Language 3
American Sign Language 4
Chinese 1
Chinese 2
Chinese 3
Chinese 4H
AP Chinese 
French 1
French 2
French 3
AP French
Latin 1
Latin 2
Latin 3
AP Latin
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 3H
AP Spanish


Beginning Algebra
Algebra 1A
Geometry B
Geometry H
Integrated Math 2
Algebra 2
Algebra 2_Trig H
Pre-Calculus H
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Dual Enrollment Math 265 & 270

Math Electives
Business Accounting and Personal Finance
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Physical Education

PE/Lifetime Wellness
Beginning Weight Training
Weight Training
Advanced Weight Training
Core Stretching
Independent PE
Walking for Fitness


Biology B
Biology H
Environmental Science
Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy & Physiology H
Sports Medicine 1 & 2
Chemistry Honors
Forensic Science
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Physics C

Science and Engineering Electives

AP Comp Science Principles
AP Computer Science A
Introduction to STEAM
Advanced STEAM
STEAM Capstone and Practicum

Social Science

World History
AP World History
US History
AP US History
Dual Enrollment US History
AP Government
AP Macroeconomics

Social Science Electives
World Geography
American Pop Culture
History of Sports
AP Psychology
Dual Enrollment Psychology
Dual Enrollment Sociology 101 & 102

Visual and Performing Arts 

Intro to Visual Art
3D Design
Adv 3D Design
Digital Photography
Digital Photography 2 / Photo 2
Adv 2D /Adv Art 3-4
AP Studio Art (2D)
AP Studio Art (Drawing)
AP Studio Art 3-D
Choral Music
Choral Music 3-4
Chamber Choir H
Contemporary Pep Band
Adv. Pep Band
Honors Symphonic Band
Jazz Band Honors
Advanced Orchestra
Orchestra Honors
Drama 1-2
Advanced Drama 3-4
Video Production (CCTV) 
Engineering Design
Advanced Choir Honors
Chamber Choir Honors 

Student Support Electives 

Digital Branding
Office Aide
Study Hall
Options/Academy Mentor
Academic Coaching 9
Academic Coaching 10
Academic Coaching 11
Academic Coaching 12
Learning Center 9
Learning Center 10
Learning Center

If you have any questions please see your counselor.