AP Test

This year, AP tests will be taken on campus according to this calendar.

All students in Cohorts A, B, and C will take the test at the same testing date/time on campus. The cohorts will be separated and students socially distanced during testing.

All exams are paper/pencil except for AP Chinese, which is computer only (still taken on campus).


Students may cancel their AP® exam registration and receive a partial refund: a $25 non-refundable portion will be retained by our exam service from the $120 exam fee to cover administrative expenses and costs.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations after April 30. No shows on exam day are not eligible for a refund.

To cancel an exam, please email cancel@aptsusa.com and include the student name, the school name (Cathedral Catholic High School), and the title of the exam you wish to cancel.

At-Home Digital Exam Option:

Some students requested an at-home digital exam. The last day to change exam dates was March 30th. These exam times and dates now appear on students’ AP Classroom site.

‘Students will be required to use their own personal device (laptop, chromebook, or desktop, Mac or PC) as iPads cannot be used for the College Board exams this year. Students will be required to complete the technical setup and readiness checks as per the instructions that will be released by the college board before the day of testing.

CCHS will be unable to assist students with their own technology setup. Here is a site to help with the technical setup: https://aptsusa.com/prepdigital/

If you have any questions, please email the Deans of Academics at deansofacademics@cathedralcatholic.org.