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Today’s Prayer

Dear God,
Today we ask you to ease the burden the whole world carries
As it endures extreme poverty and hunger
In every land
Stretch out your loving arms, we pray,
To embrace the suffering women, men, and children
Whose bodies, minds and spirits are shrinking
Before our very eyes.
Help us to look,
With clear eyes and open hearts to see the pain and hopelessness
In their bewildered eyes
Kindle within each one of us
A flame of love and purpose
And then
Enable us to channel our love into action
In every way possible

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El Cid

San Diego Brush Fire Update

San Diego Fire Update: 
CCHS Closed on Friday, May 16

Dear CCHS Family,

CCHS will be closed tomorrow in cooperation with the public school districts affected by the fire. In addition, all CIF sports are cancelled for tomorrow and there will be no practices. At this point school will resume as normalon Monday. I appreciate your cooperation. I know some communities and CCHS families are still facing challenges from the fires and the heat. Therefore, it is best to wait until all areas are safe. 

We still plan to have the senior trip to Knott's Berry Farm on Saturday and the Spring Awards Ceremony on Sunday. However, we will update again tomorrow and on Saturday if anything changes. 

May God watch over everyone and keep our community and our firefighters and members of law enforcement safe. 

God bless,

Mike Deely