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World History

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Recommended U.S. Newspapers

New York Times                 

Los Angeles Times              

Washington Post                 

San Diego Union-Tribune     

The North County Times      

Sacramento Bee                 

Recommended U.S. News Magazines and Journals


Time Magazine                    

U.S. News and World Report 

The Economist                     

Recommended Online News Services               

British Broadcasting Corp.     

Reseach Sources

Library of Congress            

Life Magazine Photo Collection




Geography Resources


MLA Research Paper 2014-2015 Due dates:

Jan 21:  Introduction of paper and guidelines

Jan 29:  Refined Topic, research question and signed contract due

Feb. 5:  Thesis statement and Introduction Paragraph due

Feb. 12:  Paper Outline due

Feb.25:  Rough Draft due in class for peer edit (1400-1600 word essay & Works Cited page)

Mar. 4 & 5:  Final draft due to by 12:00 midnight March 1; Final draft and approved non-CCHS database web articles due in class March 5. 2014-2015 Class ID & Password

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