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World History

Due Date


September 12th, 2014


9/11 Letter

Read 9/11 Activity assignment on Moodle General Information. Complete the noted readings and write a one-page letter to your future teenage child, including the 5 elements noted in the assignment. Hard copy due 9/12 & 15.

September 10th, 2014


The Mind of the Ancient Greeks

Read "The Mind of the Ancient Greeks: The Rise of Democracy" and complete the chart. Find the article and chart on Moodle 2.Due 9/10 & 11.

September 8th, 2014


Democratic Legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome

Read Prologue section 1 The Legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome and complete the Prologue section 1 Homework Guide. The reading may be found on Moodle 2 and is entitled "Prologue Chapter: The Rise of Democratic Ideas." The written assignment may also be found on Moodle 2 and is entitled "Prologue.1 Homework Guide." Please follow the format on the written assignment on your lined-paper. Either write the questions or include them in your answers. Also, using blue or black ink, leave a blank space between questions. This will provide you with a more readable study tool when you prepare for the unit test. Due 9/8 & 9

September 4th, 2014


Unit 1 Test

Finish World History Themes graphic organizer found on Moodle 2. label each box with theme, then describe each theme in your own words. Groups will present their assigned theme questions in class before test.

Study for Unit 1 Themes and Geography Test. Test will be 38 multiple choice and matching questions. Be sure to study the world physical map, Geography Skills Packet, 5 Themes of Geography, 8 World History Themes, and What is History (Historiography)? reading. Test 9/4 & 5.

September 2nd, 2014



Read article entitled How Do Historians Work? and, on lined paper, complete the associated terms found on Moodle, topic 1.

Also, read the article Why Do We Study History? and complete the associated "It's a Small World" chart and question. Also on Moodle, topic 1. Both due 9/2 & 3.

Unit 1 Geography and Themes Test on Sept. 4 & 5. Test will be 38 matching and multiple choice questions.

We are now two weeks into school. Please make sure you have a study buddy who can help you if you have been absent or if your home printer doesn't function properly.

August 28th, 2014


World Current Event

To become familiar with current issues in the world today and reinforce our world political map, complete a current event as described in class and in the Current Event assignment posted on Moodle, topic 1. To more easily find a world current event, most online newspapers have a "world" tab, which will take you to a page that will give you articles organized by continents. Due 8/28 & 29.

Gold 4: I've decided to postpone the "It's a Small World" activity. It will be rescheduled.

If you did not bring in a hard-copy prayer last class meeting, please bring in one this week for partial credit.

August 26th, 2014


World Political Map & Prayer

Complete the World Political Map distributed in class. Due 8/26 & 27.

Also, prepare a prayer or inspirational/motvational thoughts you will share iat the beginning of class throughout the school year. In a attempt to avoid repetition  and develop a broader prayer toolbox, keep clear of standard Catholic prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, etc). You may write your own prayer, research other prayers, or use a Bible verse. Use MLA heading (Name, Teacher name, Course & block, date). Typed hard-copy due 8/26 & 27.

A world physical outline map has been added to Moodle, Topic 1, if you would like to use it to quiz yourself.

August 22nd, 2014


Five Themes of Geography Collage & Course Materials 2/22 & 25

If not completed in class, finish the Five Themes of Geography Graphic Organizer. Label and synthesize by describing in your own words each of the themes.

Using PicCollage or paper/cut-and-paste, complete an 8" x 11" Five Themes of Geography Collage. Pick a country or US state as the subject to describe each theme (much like the in class reading used Singapore as the example). Be sure to look at the pictures and read the captions in the Five Themes reading.

Also due, signed Syllabus/Course Expectations, 3-ring World History binder, colored pencils, and fully functioning textbook (see IT Dept. if you're having problems with text; See instructions on how to obtain textbook on 8/20 homework).

August 20th, 2014


World Physical Map, due 8/20 & 21

1. Using reference map, complete physical map of the world. Please carefully read and follow assignment directions. Use colored pencils (not markers) as directed.

Use the following URL for a reference map for many of the oceans, seas, continents, mountain ranges, deserts and rivers. I recommend you find other maps or Goggle other physical features indivudually for reference.

2. Instructions to purchase World History iBook: Using iPad, go to CCHS home page -> Academics tab->Textbooks -> Social Studies Dept -> World History (Course #1621-1622)-> Submit -> -> enter name of text "World History: Patterns of Interaction" into search box -> purchase textbook.

Welcome back to CCHS. I hope you had a good first day and have an outstanding sophomore year!



World History Google Website


Link to submit video project

End of Semester Survey

Recommended U.S. Newspapers

New York Times                 

Los Angeles Times              

Washington Post                 

San Diego Union-Tribune     

The North County Times      

Sacramento Bee                 

Recommended U.S. News Magazines and Journals


Time Magazine                    

U.S. News and World Report 

The Economist                     

Recommended Online News Services               

British Broadcasting Corp.     

Reseach Sources

Library of Congress            

Life Magazine Photo Collection



Geography Resources


MLA Research Paper 2013-2014 Due dates:

Jan 21:  Introduction of paper and guidelines

Jan 27:  Refined Topic, research question and signed contract due

Feb. 4:  Thesis statement and Introduction Paragraph due

Feb. 12:  Paper Outline due

Mar. 4:  Rough Draft due in class for peer edit (1400-1600 word essay & Works Cited page)

Mar. 11 & 12:  Final draft due to by 12:00 midnight March 1; Final draft and approved non-CCHS database web articles due in class March 12. 2013-2014 Class ID & Password

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