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World History

Due Date


April 1st, 2015


R1 & R3 Ch 29 The Great War

Read Ch 29.1, Causes of the Great War, and complete the Ch 29.1 Homework Guide found on course website. Due April 1.

March 30th, 2015


Study for Imperialism in Asia Quiz

If not in class on March 26 & 27 complete the Opium War Geography Application in preparation for class on March 30 & 31. Also type the China DBQ essay and submit it to

Ch 27.4-28.1 Quiz on March 30 & 31.

Below are notes the Dean's Office has asked teachers to share with students:

Dress Code Reminders:

  • Boys must be clean-shaven
  • Boys hair cannot touch the collar of their shirt
  • Only Dennis pants are acceptable (with the exception of BLUE colored jeans on spirit dress days)
  • Skirts must be 3 inches from the middle of the knee OR at least look like it is 3 inches from the middle of the knee
  • Slippers/moccasins cannot be worn even if they have a sole
  • Non-CCHS outerwear must be confiscated and turned in to the dean’s office. Seniors are the only students allowed to wear college sweatshirts/shirts

March 26th, 2015


Asia Current Event

If not finished in class, complete the European and US trade in China DBQ. If possible, please type the essay. Ultimatley it will need to be typed. The grade for this assignment will be included in the Academic Writing section of the semester grade.

Then, complete a current event from one of the assigned Asian nations. See website for written assignment and list of nations. Be sure to use only the assigned news sources and report on one of the assigned nations. Attach a hard copy of the news article.

Ch 27.4-28.1 Quiz, March 30 & 31.

March 24th, 2015


Ch 28.1 China Resists Outside Influence

Read 28.1 and complete the 28.1 Homework Guide located on the website under Chapter 27 and Chapter 28.

R1, G4 & G6 finish Imperialism in Southeast Asia PicCollage, name it Ch 27.4 Imperialism in Southeast Asia PicCollage,"  and submit to Google Drive folder.

Ch 27.4-28.1 Quiz, March 26 & 27.

March 20th, 2015


Ch 27.5 Imperialism in Southwest Asia

IRead Ch 27.5 and complete the Ch 27.5 Homework Guide found on the course website. Due 3/20 & 23.

If absent, Read "Letter Opposing the English" , found on course website and answer questions. Submit to Google Drive folder.

March 18th, 2015


Imperialism in Asia Map

Complete the Imperialism in Asia Map.

You do NOT need to complete the attached Opium War Geography Application activity.

March 16th, 2015


27.4 Imperialism in Southeast Asia

Read 27.4 and complete the 27.4 Homework Guide found on the website under Ch 27.

March 12th, 2015


Imperialism in Africa and the Middle East Test

Study for Ch 27.1 - 27.3 Imperialism in Africa and the Middle East 34 question Quiz. 3/12 & 13.

March 10th, 2015


Europeans Claim Muslim Lands (from the Ottoman Empire)

Read 27.3 Europeans Claim Muslim Lands from the Ottoman Empire and complete the 27.3 Homework Guide on course website.

Ch 27.1-27.3 quiz 3/12 & 13.

March 5th, 2015


Africa Current Event

If not completed in class, finish questions, parts A & B from the articled entitled "Cash Crops in Africa" found on course website under Chapter 27.

Then, complete the Africa current event also found on the course website under Chapter 27. Answer in hard-copy and bring hard-copy of article. Due Thursday & Friday, March 5 & 6.

March 3rd, 2015


Imperialism Case Study: Nigeria

Read Ch 27.2 Imperialism Case Study: Nigeria and complete the 27.2 Homework Guide found on course website under chapter 27. Due March 3 & 4.

February 27th, 2015


Scramble for Africa Map

Complete the Imperialism in Africa Map distributed in class. Due 2/27 & 28.

February 25th, 2015


The Age of Imperialism

If not completed in class, read the Ch 27 Study Guide found on the course website under Chapter 27.

February 23rd, 2015


27.1 The Scramble for Africa

If you were absent from class on Thursday or Friday, read and answer the questions on Excerpts from the Communist Manifesto found on the course website. Submit answers to Google Drive folder.

Read Ch 27.1 the Scramble for Africa and complete the 27.1 Homework Guide found on the course website under Chapter 27. Due 2/23 & 24.

February 17th, 2015


25.4 Reforming the Industrial World

Read 25.4 Reforming the Industrial World and complete the 25.4 Homework Guide found on the course website under Chapter 25. Due 2/17 & 18. Chapter 25 test on Feb. 19 & 20.

February 12th, 2015


Effects of the Industrial Revolution Editorial

Assume the role of an English journalist in 1830 to write an editorial in the London Times that comments on whether the Industrial Revolution improved life and that suggests ways to address problems created by the movement. Follow the Directions for Writing an Editorial on the Industrial Revolution found on the course website under chapter 25. Be creative with your presentation. This assignment is weighted at 15 homework points. Turn in e-copy to before the beginning of next class and bring a hard copy to class on Thursday 12 or Friday 13.

February 10th, 2015


25.3 Industrialization Spreads

Read Ch 25.3 Industrialization Spreads and complete the 25.3 Homework Guide found on course website under Chapter 25. Due Tues. & Weds. 2/10 & 11.

February 6th, 2015


Industrialization Case Study: Manchester

Read Ch 25.2 and complete the 25.2 Homework Guide found on the course website under Chapter 25. Due Feb. 6 & 9.

February 4th, 2015


25.1 The Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution

Read Ch 25.1 and complete the 25.1 Homework Guide found on course website under Chapter 25. Due Wednesday 2/4.

If absent, go to YouTube and watch Goodbye Art-Academy 8-1/2 minute clip on Realism ( Also watch the 9-minute Impressionism clip ( that will follow the Realsim clip. Take 5-8 bullet point notes for each art movement.

January 30th, 2015


Ch 24 Nationalism Test

Study for Ch 24 Nationalism Sweeps the West Test, 2/2 & 3. See History Through Art/Revolutions in Painting, p. 1400. Study all homework, Languages Fuel Nationalism Geogrpahy Application, Nationalism in Europe Outline Map, and all other items on course website for Ch 24.

If absent from class, read Ch 24.4 The Romantic Movement, pp. 1391-1394.

January 29th, 2015


Nationalism Case Study: Italy and Germany

Read Ch 24.3 and complete the Nationalism in Europe outline map activity. Due 1/29 & 30.

If absent from class, complete the "Languages Fuel Nationalism" Geography Application found on the course website under Ch. 24. Submit completed activity to Google Drive folder.

January 27th, 2015


Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West

If absent on 1/ 23 or 26, submit the Latin American Nationalism Gallery Walk Questions to your Google Drive folder. Also, read 24.2 Europe Faces Revolutions, pp. 1367-1370.

Read Telescoping Ch 24 Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West and complete the questions, attached to the reading, on a separate sheet of paper (hard-copy). Assignment may be found on class website. Due 1/27 & 28.

January 23rd, 2015


Latin American Nationalism short essay

Complete the short essay (1-paragraph CDW; hard-copy) from the Latin American Nationalism Gallery Walk. Essay Questions: Discuss the difficulties that were involved with establishing democratic governments in Latin America and the solutions that were needed to overcome these difficulties. Be sure to refer to and cite Document 1: Simon Bolivar's Jamaican Letter, Doc 2: Jose de San Martin's Farewell Address, and Doc 3: Divisions in Spanish Colonial Society Chart. Do not include Doc 4: Grito de Delores. Please refer to the Enlightenment Ideas Spread to Latin America map and reading on page 1562 to get useful information. Due 1/23 & 26.

Discuss: Examine or make observations about a subject; Present a subject in detail.

If not completed in class, read "The Birth of South Sudan" article on Moodle WH General Information.

January 21st, 2015



Study for Quiz on Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna. Study the 23.3-23.5 Homework, Napoleon film notes & Congress of Vienna map activity. Quiz 1/21 & 22.

January 16th, 2015


24.1 Latin American Peoples Win Independence

Read Ch 24.1 and complete the 24.1 Homework Guide found on class website under Chapter 24. Due 1/16 & 20.

Red 1 & 3 - If not completed in class, please finish the Map Activity of Europe after the Congress of Vienna.

January 14th, 2015


23.5 The Congress of Vienna Convenes

Read Ch 23.5 and complete the Homework Guide found on the class webpage. Due 1/14 & 15.

January 12th, 2015


23.4 Napoleon's Empire Collapses

Read 23.4 and complete the 23.4 Homework Guide found on class website. Due 1/12 & 13.

January 8th, 2015


23.3 The Rise of Napoleon

Read Ch 23.3 and complete the 23.3 Homework Guide found on the class website under chapter 23. Due 1/8 & 9.

December 16th, 2014


Study for Semester Exam

Use Semester Exam Study Guide to direct your study for the semester exam.

Two essay questions (A & B) come from the Prologue Chapter: The Rise of Democracy, which may be found on Moodle, 2.

The question tracing the rise of democracy in Britain has been dropped as an essay option.

Pace yourself in your study. Study one unit at a time in 30-45 minute incriments.

Good luck with all your semester exams.

December 12th, 2014


Compare and Contrast the American & French Revolution Essay

Answer the following question in a 4- or 5-paragraph CDW essay, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. Submit a hard-copy in class on Dec. 12 (Red) or 15 (Gold) and an electronic copy to by 8:00 AM on your due date. If you are absent on the day it is due, submit e-copy on time and bring a hard-copy to the next class meeting.

See the 2nd Quarter Assessment C/C assignment with helpful outline, reading suggestions and grade rubric on Moodle 6. On the updated assignment you will find both a 4-paragraph outline and rubric and a 5-paragraph outline and rubric. Please use the format you prefer.

If you need help, see me after school or use the free NHS tutoring in the library after school. We've spent two weeks preparing for this writing, so use the good work you've already produced with your venn diagrams. Good luck!

Compare and contrast the American and French Revolutions. Think about and include the following:

  • The causes and early events of the revolutions.
  • The U.S. Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.
  • The later events and results of the revolutions.

Create a World History class in The class Identification and password may be found on my homework page bulletin board.


December 10th, 2014


Compare and contrast the American & French Declarations

After reading the US Declaration of Independence in class and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, create a Venn Diagram noting 3 similarities and 3 key differences for each document. Use complete sentences. Documents may be found on Moodle 6. Due 12/10 & 11.

On Dec. 10 & 11 we will be writing our 2nd quarter compare and contrast common assessment essay.

December 8th, 2014


Venn Diagram & Semester Exam Study Guide

First, read the first 7 paragraphs of 23.3 ( up to, but not including the subsection entitled "Napoleon rules France"). Then, create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting the later events and results of the American and French Revolution. For the American Revolution consider events from mid-War in 1779 to 1791 the ratification of the Bill of Rights as found in the 22.4 reading. For the French Revolution use information from 23.2 and the 7 paragraphs from 23.3 noted above. Use complete sentences and include 3 similarities of the revolutions and 3 differences for each revolution. Think about our similarity activity from class today and use your notes to write content rich sentences with both general and specific information. Due 12/8 & 9.

Also, a rough draft of the Fall Exam Study Guide has been posted on Moodle, WH General Information.

After School Tutoring: "Just a friendly reminder that we have after-school tutoring available for students Tuesday through Thursday 2:15 –3:15 and Friday 2:15 – 4 pm.  NHS Peer tutors are in the library as well, Monday through Friday.  There will be no tutoring hours the week of finals."

December 4th, 2014


Revolution Brings Reform and Terror

Read 23.2 and complete the 23.2 Homework Guide (hard-copy) found on the class website. As you read, highlight the compare and contrast signal words discussed in class and as noted on the Reading Toolkit, p. 4 activity (found on Moodle WH General Information). Due 12/4 & 5.

December 3rd, 2014


Gold 4 & 6 Venn Diagram

 Using the 22.4 American Revolution and 23.1 The French Revoution Begins readings create a venn diagram that shows the similarities and differences in the causes and early events of the American and French revolutions. Using complete and content rich sentences, include 3 significant differences of each revolution and 3 significant similarities of the revolutions. If you cannot write a sentence noting why an event was significant, then don't include it and move on to another event or topic. As always, please only use the assigned readings and do your own work. A venn diagram template may be found on the class Google site. Turn in hard-copy on 11/25.

December 1st, 2014


Fall Semester Extra Credit

Complete the optional "Fall Extra Credit Current Event" found on Moodle, topic 1. Read the full assignment before starting your activity.In hard-copy, submit both your report and article from one of the assigned sources on Dec. 1 & 2.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

November 25th, 2014


Red 1 & 3 Only: Causes and Early Events of American and French Revolution

Using the 22.4 American Revolution and 23.1 The French Revoution Begins readings create a venn diagram that shows the similarities and differences in the causes and early events of the American and French revolutions. Using complete and content rich sentences, include 3 significant differences of each revolution and 3 significant similarities of the revolutions. If you cannot write a sentence noting why an event was significant, then don't include it and move on to another event or topic. As always, please only use the assigned readings and do your own work. A venn diagram template may be found on the class Google site. Turn in hard-copy on 11/25.

November 21st, 2014


Ch 23 Prereading Guide

Use chapter 23 to complete the Reading Toolkit: Prereading Guide found on the class website. For the third question, please choose one image from sections 1 or 2, one image from sections 3 or 4, and one image from section 5. Due 11/21 & 24.

November 19th, 2014


The French Revolution

If not finished in class, complete the reading of Ch 23.1 and the 23.1 Homework Guide (23.1 HW Guide).  The reading may be found in your iBook and the 23.1 HW Guide may be found on the class website. Due 11/19 & 20. Write the question or include the question in your answers. Leave a blank line between each question. Submit in hard-copy.

November 17th, 2014


Enlightenment Test

Ch 22 Enlightenment Test, 11/17 & 18. Be sure to study Ch 22 readings, homework, film notes, in-class notes.

November 13th, 2014


Enlightenment CDW

Answer the following question in hard copy using CDW form. Open with a claim statement. Support your claim with data from the textbook (22.2) and your warrant (commentary). Always site data/evidence whether it is directly quoted (use quote marks) or paraphrased. See examples below.

Roger Beck stated "blah blah blah." (1050)

Beck suggested blah blah blah. (1051)

"Blah blah blah." (Beck 1052)

Compare the views of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau on government. How did their differing ideas reflect their understanding of human behavior? Answer in a 7-sentence minimum paragraph. Think about and include:

    • How each philosopher viewed the “state of nature.”
    • What each considered the source of government’s authority

Chapter 22 test, November 17 & 18.

November 10th, 2014


American Revolution

Read Ch 22.4 the American Revolution and complete the 22.4 HW on WH Website, Ch 22. The information on Shays Rebellion has been editted out of our online textbook. You may find the necessary info on the History Channel website at

Submit homework to Google Drive within the first 5-minutes of class on 11/10 & 12.

November 6th, 2014


Press Conference Preparation

Prepare for the Press Conference by doing the tasks of the role you are playing: Actor, Historian, Public Relations Agent, Investigative Reporter. See Handout 1.2 E on World History Website, Ch 22 for responsibilities. Due 11/6 & 7.

November 4th, 2014


Research Enlightenment Historical Figure

Research assigned Enlightenment figure for your group Press Conference. Find an article that will help you bring to life the ideas and beliefs of your historical figure during a press fconference focusing on these questions:

1. What is the ideal form of government? Explain.

2. Can people be trusted to govern?Why or why not?

Read, print, and highlight the article. Bring hard-copy to class. Due 11/4 &5.

Absent student assignments:

Red 1: Aaron Q., you are assigned Thomas Hobbes

Red 3: Chris T., you may choose John Locke, J-J Rousseau or Baron de Montesquieu.

October 29th, 2014


The Enlightenment Spreads

Read Ch 22, section 3 (22.3) The Enlightenment Spreads and complete the 22.3 Homework titled 22.3 HW found on the course Google Site. Find the link to the Google Site on my Homework Homepage at the top of the Bulletin Board. Click on Chapter 22 on left menu. Then, click on 22.3 HW to find homework assignment.  Submit assigment to your Google Drive folder either before class or within the first 5 minutes of class. Due 10/31 & Nov. 1.

October 27th, 2014


Ch 22.2 The Enlightenment in Europe

Read Ch 22, section 2 (22.2), The Enlightenment in Europe, and complete the 22.2 HW found on the World History Google website, as displayed in class on Thurs./Fri. Submit your completed homework to your Google Drive folder. To access World History Google website, go to the bulletin board on the home page of my homework page (this is where you'll see a short course descriptions for US History and World History). The link is at the top of the bulletin board and is called "World History Google Website."

October 23rd, 2014


The Scientific Revolution

If you didn't finish reading the article "Arab Spring: What's Next?" and answering the questions, please complete them before nest class. Moodle - General Information.

Then, read chapter 22 section 1 (22.1) The Scientific Revolution and complete the 22.1 Reading Guide HW questions and writing. Moodle 5.

October 21st, 2014


Study for Unit Test

Study for Unit test: Telescoping Exploration, Renaissance (17.1), and Telescoping Absolute Monarchy. Be familiar with the Classical, Medieval, & Renaissance Art Activity, exploration map, Guns, Germs, & Steel Viewers guide. Test October 21 & 22.

October 17th, 2014


Absolute Monarchs and their Palaces Project

Absolute Monarchs and their Palace Project due for in-class presentations on 10/17 & 20.

Name assignment and submit to Google Drive Folder using the following pattern:


Ch 22 PicCollage A Name of Monarch  Example: Ch 22 PicCollage A Maria TeresaCh 22 PicCollage B Name of Palace  Example: Ch 22 PicCollage B Schonbrunn

R1, G4, G6

Ch 22 Keynote Monarch Palace Example: Ch 22.Keynote.Louis XIV Versailles

Telescoping Exploration, Renaissance (17.1) and Telescoping Absolute Monarchy Test on Oct. 21 & 22.

October 14th, 2014


European Current Event

Complete the current event assignment found on Moodle 5. Pick an event from Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Russia, or England. Use one of the news sources listed on the assignment. Be sure to include the long- and short- term significance (underline the word short-term and long-term) and two summary questions. Attach hard-copy of article to your report.

We will finish preparing the group PicCollages (R3)/Keynotes (R1, G4, G6) in class on Tuesday and Thursday. Presentations will be on Friday 17 & Monday 20.

October 10th, 2014


Absolute Monarchs and their Palaces PicCollage Project

Read Absolute Monarchs and their Palaces PicCollage Assignment on Moodle 5. Then, read the section of chapter 21 associated with your absolute monarch. Highlight any information you think could be included in your group PicCollages. (Assigned readings are as follows: El Escorial and Philip II = Ch 21.1, Versailles and Louis XIV = Ch 21.2, Schonbrunn and Maria Theresa = 21.3, Sanssouci and Frederick the Great = Ch 21.3, Peterhof and Peter the Great = Ch 21.4, Hampton Court and William and Mary - Ch 21.5) Then, research, read and highlight one article from the internet on your assigned palace (this may be one from the assignment or another article you've found). Bring highlighted information to class on Friday/Monday to share with your group and recommend what to include in PicCollages. Collages will be built in class next class meeting. Presentations will be the following meeting.

Red 1, I slightly adapted the assignment after class on Wednesday, so please be sure to reread the assignment. Note for students who were absent: Henry P you are assigned Sanssouci Palace, Vivienne R. = Schonbrunn Palace and  Liam K. = Peterhof Palace.

Other Absent student assignments:

Red 3 - Matt G. = Palace of Versailles and Louis XIV.

Gold 4 Caroline W. = Palace of Versailles and Louis XIV.

Gold 6: Emi H. = El Escorial Palace and Monastery and Philip II, Matthew O. = Peterhof Palace and Peter I (the Great).

October 8th, 2014


Absolute Monarchy in Europe, 1500-1800

Read Telescoping Absolute Monarchy in Europe reading and complete the Review questions and terms. Moodle 4. Use blue or black ink. Include the question in the answer. Leave a blank line between questions.

October 6th, 2014


17.1 Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance

Read chapter 17 section 1 and History Through Art, pp. 941-957,  in preparation for our gallery walk activity comparing Classical, Medieval, & Rensaissance Art.

October 2nd, 2014


European Trade Posts and Land Claims Map

Complete the Trade Posts and Land Claims in Africa, Asia and the Americas Outline Map. Refer to the maps in textbook chapter 19, introduction p.1047, p. 1060, chapter 20 p. 1104, p. 1122 (2 maps - Europeans in North America 1754 & 1763)& p. 1122.

Note to Red 1: I apologize for printing a copy of the instructions with old page numbers. A PDF of the assignment with the correct page numbers may be found on Moolde 4. The correct page numbers for the iBook may also be found below.

PART A & B use pp. 1047 & 1060

PART D, E  F & H use pp. 1060

PART G & I use p. 1104

PART J use p. 1122

(p. 93 = p. 1047, 100 = 1060, 121= 1104, 130= 1122)

September 30th, 2014


The Age of Exploration

Read Telescoping An Age of Exploration and the Atlantic World and answer questions Part A & B. Reading and questions found on Moodle 4. Due 9/30 & 10/1.

Be sure to bring your colored pencils to class on 9/30 & 10/1.

September 26th, 2014


Prologue: Rise of Democracy Test

Prologue Chapter: Rise of Democracy Test (Sec 1-3) on Sept. 26 & 29. Test will consist of 41 multiple choice and matching questions. Be familiar with reading, homework, bold faced vocabulary terms, and noted historical figures. Also, be sure to study class readings including "The Mind of the Ancient Greeks" & "Plato & Aristotle on Tyranny and the Rule of Law" and current events (as presented by teacher). Please note, some homework questions ask for three characteristics/causes/results of a historical event or movement. These types of questions often appear on tests as a multiple choice "except" question. An example might read, "All of the following are similarities of the Magna Carta and the US Bill of Rights, EXCEPT..." The test taker then has to determine which of the four choices is NOT a similarity.

September 24th, 2014


Democracy Hall of Fame Keynote

Finish Keynote assignment as described on the assignment found on Moodle 2. Be sure you have all the required components an use all the required resource materials. Use presentation guidleines as discussed in class (bullet-points; font size; complete and alphabetized  bibliography entries).

The following is the MLA Bibliography entry for our Prologue chapter:

Beck, Roger B. et. al. Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction. Evanston: McDougal Littell. 2009. Print.

 Rise of Democracy test (Prologue.1-Prologe.3 & Sept. 11 Attacks) will be Sept 26 & 29.

September 22nd, 2014


English Documents & Democracy Hall of Fame

Read the Magna Carta and the U.S. Bill of Rights found on Moodle 2. Make a Venn Diagram (hard copy) with 3 similarities of the documents and 3 differences for each document. Use complete sentences.

Then, research your historical figure for your group Democracy Hall of Fame. Democracy Hall of Fame assignment is on Moodle 2. Bring to class an article you have read with highlighted information, including images, to include in your keynote (electronic article is okay).

 Group Assignment for Red 1

A. Solon: Mac, Adam, Drew, Alexa.

B. Cleisthenes: Sydney, Henry, Stephanie, Vivienne.

C. Justinian: Nick, Lauren, Tommy, Kevin.

D. Pericles:Liam, Matt S., Jakob, Ryan.

E. Henry II:Ryan, Calvin, Aaron, Dane (?).

F. John I (Plantagenet): Kayla, Tyler, Nicole, Julianna.

G. Edward I: Pani, Tyler, Cameron.


September 18th, 2014


Prologue.3 Democracy in England

Read Prologue Chapter section 3 and complete the Prologue.3 Homework (hard copy). Both may be found on Moodle 2.

Copy and paste terms and questions to another page or write questions and answers on a separate sheet of paper. Do NOT try to fit answers into the small space on the worksheet.

September 16th, 2014


The Judeo-Christian Tradition

If you were not in class Friday, Sept. 12, the 9/11 letter homework is due in class (hard-copy) on 9/16 & 17.

Read Prologue Chapter: The Rise of Democracy section 2, The Judeo-Christian Tradition, and complete the Prologue.2 Homework. Both may be found on Moodle 2. Please read and follow the directions. Hard-copy due 9/16 & 17.

September 12th, 2014


9/11 Letter

Read 9/11 Activity assignment on Moodle General Information. Complete the noted readings and write a one-page letter to your future teenage child, including the 5 elements noted in the assignment. Hard copy due 9/12 & 15.

September 10th, 2014


The Mind of the Ancient Greeks

Read "The Mind of the Ancient Greeks: The Rise of Democracy" and complete the chart. Find the article and chart on Moodle 2.Due 9/10 & 11.

September 8th, 2014


Democratic Legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome

Read Prologue section 1 The Legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome and complete the Prologue section 1 Homework Guide. The reading may be found on Moodle 2 and is entitled "Prologue Chapter: The Rise of Democratic Ideas." The written assignment may also be found on Moodle 2 and is entitled "Prologue.1 Homework Guide." Please follow the format on the written assignment on your lined-paper. Either write the questions or include them in your answers. Also, using blue or black ink, leave a blank space between questions. This will provide you with a more readable study tool when you prepare for the unit test. Due 9/8 & 9

September 4th, 2014


Unit 1 Test

Finish World History Themes graphic organizer found on Moodle 2. label each box with theme, then describe each theme in your own words. Groups will present their assigned theme questions in class before test.

Study for Unit 1 Themes and Geography Test. Test will be 38 multiple choice and matching questions. Be sure to study the world physical map, Geography Skills Packet, 5 Themes of Geography, 8 World History Themes, and What is History (Historiography)? reading. Test 9/4 & 5.

September 2nd, 2014



Read article entitled How Do Historians Work? and, on lined paper, complete the associated terms found on Moodle, topic 1.

Also, read the article Why Do We Study History? and complete the associated "It's a Small World" chart and question. Also on Moodle, topic 1. Both due 9/2 & 3.

Unit 1 Geography and Themes Test on Sept. 4 & 5. Test will be 38 matching and multiple choice questions.

We are now two weeks into school. Please make sure you have a study buddy who can help you if you have been absent or if your home printer doesn't function properly.

August 28th, 2014


World Current Event

To become familiar with current issues in the world today and reinforce our world political map, complete a current event as described in class and in the Current Event assignment posted on Moodle, topic 1. To more easily find a world current event, most online newspapers have a "world" tab, which will take you to a page that will give you articles organized by continents. Due 8/28 & 29.

Gold 4: I've decided to postpone the "It's a Small World" activity. It will be rescheduled.

If you did not bring in a hard-copy prayer last class meeting, please bring in one this week for partial credit.

August 26th, 2014


World Political Map & Prayer

Complete the World Political Map distributed in class. Due 8/26 & 27.

Also, prepare a prayer or inspirational/motvational thoughts you will share iat the beginning of class throughout the school year. In a attempt to avoid repetition  and develop a broader prayer toolbox, keep clear of standard Catholic prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, etc). You may write your own prayer, research other prayers, or use a Bible verse. Use MLA heading (Name, Teacher name, Course & block, date). Typed hard-copy due 8/26 & 27.

A world physical outline map has been added to Moodle, Topic 1, if you would like to use it to quiz yourself.

August 22nd, 2014


Five Themes of Geography Collage & Course Materials 2/22 & 25

If not completed in class, finish the Five Themes of Geography Graphic Organizer. Label and synthesize by describing in your own words each of the themes.

Using PicCollage or paper/cut-and-paste, complete an 8" x 11" Five Themes of Geography Collage. Pick a country or US state as the subject to describe each theme (much like the in class reading used Singapore as the example). Be sure to look at the pictures and read the captions in the Five Themes reading.

Also due, signed Syllabus/Course Expectations, 3-ring World History binder, colored pencils, and fully functioning textbook (see IT Dept. if you're having problems with text; See instructions on how to obtain textbook on 8/20 homework).

August 20th, 2014


World Physical Map, due 8/20 & 21

1. Using reference map, complete physical map of the world. Please carefully read and follow assignment directions. Use colored pencils (not markers) as directed.

Use the following URL for a reference map for many of the oceans, seas, continents, mountain ranges, deserts and rivers. I recommend you find other maps or Goggle other physical features indivudually for reference.

2. Instructions to purchase World History iBook: Using iPad, go to CCHS home page -> Academics tab->Textbooks -> Social Studies Dept -> World History (Course #1621-1622)-> Submit -> -> enter name of text "World History: Patterns of Interaction" into search box -> purchase textbook.

Welcome back to CCHS. I hope you had a good first day and have an outstanding sophomore year!



World History Google Website

Spring Extra Credit SignUp Genius. Assignment found on Moodle under General Information.

Red 1

Red 3

Gold 4

Gold 6

Link to submit video project

End of Semester Survey

Recommended U.S. Newspapers

New York Times                 

Los Angeles Times              

Washington Post                 

San Diego Union-Tribune     

The North County Times      

Sacramento Bee                 

Recommended U.S. News Magazines and Journals


Time Magazine                    

U.S. News and World Report 

The Economist                     

Recommended Online News Services               

British Broadcasting Corp.     

Reseach Sources

Library of Congress            

Life Magazine Photo Collection




Geography Resources


MLA Research Paper 2014-2015 Due dates:

Jan 21:  Introduction of paper and guidelines

Jan 29:  Refined Topic, research question and signed contract due

Feb. 5:  Thesis statement and Introduction Paragraph due

Feb. 12:  Paper Outline due

Feb.25:  Rough Draft due in class for peer edit (1400-1600 word essay & Works Cited page)

Mar. 4 & 5:  Final draft due to by 12:00 midnight March 1; Final draft and approved non-CCHS database web articles due in class March 5. 2014-2015 Class ID & Password

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